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flow manufacturing pilot programmes are quick and easy to do, usually self-financing, always transformational.

Knowledge transfer of how to do flow. Your implementation team takes ownership and proceeds independently having trained on the pilot programme.

Typical flow implementation programmes are rolled out after approximately 90-days. Lead-time benefits accrue immediately.

Cost reduction, inventory reduction and cash release benefits depend on the market – the speed with which inventory can be sold at normal market, not “fire-sale” prices.

flow manufacturing is not an inventory reduction programme. It’s a speed of response to customer programme. Cash release from “redundant” inventory is just a by-product.


Our founder was nominated for a Nobel Prize in Economics for Working Capital Management.

To know more about flow and its origins in Demand Flow Technology (DFT) click on this link to Wikipedia:


How to do flow Manufacturing for greater 


Productivity – Profitable Growth – Cash Flow


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