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flow beyond Lean


See this 2-minute audio video. You can synchronise your processes in a flow.

Drive Profitable Growth and Positive Cash-Flow – click on the following. flow beyond Lean.

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Case Story


£100s Millions In Cash Released From Redundant Working Capital

Background: Global UK-Scandinavian pharmaceuticals manufacturer of tablets, creams, syringes and other biomedical devices. The GM of the largest tablet factory in Europe was frustrated. He was up against a capacity “glass ceiling” to business improvement and had tried everything. He could find no way through without some very significant investment amidst tight regulatory and corporate investment constraints.

Action: Together, we pioneered the adoption of flow across the organisation. This transformed push-based batch production of forecast “orders” to pull-based, demand-driven fulfillment of individual customer orders. Output from discrete, mathematically sized reserves of semi-finished inventories between processes was sequentially replenished to demand flow. Critical laboratory results and regulatory documentation were synchronised with production. Laboratory capacity was also increased through parallel productivity gains.

Benefits: Highly regulated process-defined batch quantities were reconciled with much lower In-Progress and Finished inventory levels and volatile customer demand. Approximately $1bn in cash was released from Working Capital into R&D across multiple small to mid-size facilities within 12 months. This was achieved without limiting product availability or further investment, adding an undisclosed figure to profitability. A pioneering GM led a pioneering company to even greater success in their industry.

A nominated Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics for Working Capital Management founded our business 

Corporate-level expertise is here for SME manufacturers at SME rates

To know more about flow and its origins in Demand Flow Technology (DFT) click on this link to Wikipedia


More Profitable Growth

– more revenue, lower costs, bigger profits. Makes sense?

But, how to do it?


Sales are up – life is good?

But somehow Costs are at risk of going up faster than Revenue?

Profitability down, cash being soaked up into Working Capital that isn’t working, Cash-Flow going negative?

Sounds like Lean might be the answer – eliminating waste


Lean has been around for decades, yet there are still those who say, “Lean didn’t always quite work out for us.”

So, “Is there life beyond Lean as we know it?”


Yes, it’s called flow – joining up the Lean dots, linking and synchronising the output from “islands of Lean excellence”

right through to the bottom line.

Here’s how to flow beyond Lean for


more Profitable Growth

better Cash Flow

greater Productivity



How To Upgrade Profitable Growth By 15% or More


Which Means A Safer More Secure Future


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A couple of quick questions.

How much time does it take to actually make a fairly typical product in the factory? Minutes or hours?

How long does it take to actually get an order for that product through the factory? Days or weeks?

Why the disconnect? Why should it take say 3 weeks in a Working Capital Pipeline to make a product with 5 hours of work content?

Mind the gap. This pipeline is filled with Cash embedded in Working Capital that isn’t working! Does it really have to be that way?

What would it mean for your business if product was delivered in hours or days

instead of weeks or months

– with increased sales revenue and a proportionate reduction in costs?

How much more Profitable would that be?

How important is it to you to achieve that?


Click here to find out how flow relates to other manufacturing concepts and solutions.

Or Click here to find out about how we implemented flow manufacturing for our customers.

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