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Manufacturers approach Maestro Business to improve their competitiveness, save costs and create lasting beneficial change through knowledge transfer and skills development.


Maestro Business A/S was started in 2006 by a Scandinavian industrial group having 3,800 employees, 37 factories across Sweden, Denmark, UK, Norway, Finland, Russia, Ireland, Latvia and Poland. Our heritage goes back to 1984, to a founder who was nominated for a Nobel Prize in Economics for Working Capital Management.

Our goal is to create tangible, measurable, bottom-line benefits from strategies that are globally acclaimed for generating results.

The focus is therefore on action, mutual understanding and results not just on theory and academic virtual rescues.

Competence measured at the bottom line

Maestro is a partner owned company that works to grow skills in private service and industrial companies in the UK Europe and internationally.

We believe that business competence is built by creatively combining knowledge with ability and skills. Knowledge that is not being used to produce results, or to move the company closer to its goal, is at best a waste of time and energy. Our working methods are always a mixture of theory that has been proven to work in reality, combined with practical application to real problems.

When you have grown up in industry, it shows

Our practitioners are carefully selected so they can function at every level of management. They have all had personal responsibility for producing daily results by influencing and directing people and processes in the real world.

When we work with a company we work “down in the engine room”. Having massive experience with producing results in the real world, we function there with confidence, where theories must be transformed into action – and accepted by people – to make sense.

Every business has unique needs

Our own core competencies are to find, organise and communicate knowledge and then tailor it to each company’s unique situation and needs. A competency programme supports the company in building the skills in all levels of the organisation that are needed to drive results in the future.

Maestro has its own open training courses. But often, we develop a customer-specific process whereby we help companies to get better at what they have already decided they must be good at.


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