Here are some introductions to people who carry out complementary services to ourselves with the same degree of integrity and customer focus that we do, so we’d like to tell you a bit about them and recommend them to you.


As companies flow beyond Lean areas of improvement to the talent pool can become exposed that require recruitment resources.


Whatever the reason for your change and transformation project, it is likely at some point to result in a need to recruit the right people. Maestro-Business will advise you and offer the recruitment services you need through our partnership with Page Outsourcing. Part of the leading global recruitment company, PageGroup, Page Outsourcing are experts at managing all levels of recruitment, across 25 industries and functions and 140 offices globally.

Page Outsourcing harnesses the power of the Michael Page, Page Executive and Page Personnel brands which recruit entry level to senior and board positions across a wide range of functions and industries including: Finance, Sales, Marketing, Digtal, Engineering and manufacturing, Procurement and supply chain, Technology, Property and construction & Legal.

For more information follow the link here.



Peter Drucker is famously quoted as saying, “Culture will eat Strategy for breakfast.” We might as well add, “and for lunch.”


Even more famously, Dale Carnegie Training has evolved from one man’s belief in the power of self-improvement to empower Strategy to transform Culture, so that together they can thrive and prosper.

Whether it’s clearly defined or not, all human organisations have a culture. “It’s just the way we do things around here.” When companies commit to flow beyond Lean then Culture can come into conflict with Strategy. What to do then?

Dale Carnegie’s original body of knowledge has been constantly updated, expanded and refined through nearly a century’s worth of real-life business experiences. The result of their collective, global experience is an expanding reservoir of business acumen that their clients rely on to reinforce bottom-line results.

Connecting proven solutions with real-world challenges, Dale Carnegie Training is recognized internationally as the leader in bringing out the best in people and thereby in the culture of their organisations.

For more information follow the link here.



Equitus Engineering Limited is an SME mechanical engineering and innovations company. A people-centric approach lies at the core of what they do. Their three areas of service are mechanical engineering solutions, engineering led product development, and engineering driven innovation – and they’re easy to work with.

For more information follow the link here.


Doctech makes sure that all the latest revision of all relevant documents are always available to the people who need them when they need them.


How much time do you think is spent in your organisation looking for the right document to use?

What are the likely consequences of using an out of date version of a document once it’s  been found?

Are all engineering changes linked and synchronised across the bill-of-materials so everyone always has the right revision level?

What happens if they don’t?

Doctech makes sure all the latest revision are always there for the people who need them when they need them.

For more information contact Laura Redfern or follow the Link here.



Kanban is a “signal to do work” and is key to successful bottom-line flow manufacturing benefits. But what does that really mean for you?

How do you do it well so it really works, and integrate it seamlessly with current systems?

Yes, I would you like to have:

  1. reduced inventory, optimised with better responsiveness to customer orders
  2. better availability of material and components with fewer shortages
  3. faster, better on-time, delivery to the date the customer actually requested
  4. shorter lead times from my suppliers

The manufactus Integrated Kanban System (IKS) provides all of the above and more. Your Kanban system can grow with you, naturally extending into your Supply Chain with  e-Kanban. For more information follow the link here to manufactus, register here for a 30-day free trial, or e-mail MD

ELS_Logo_Trans_Back_Blue.Small  Leading in learning technologies

Online e-learning is not only cool, it allows everyone to work at their own pace.

In fact it’s probably because everyone feels they can work at their own pace, develop their own depth of understanding in their own time that online e-learning, especially at the e-Learning Studios, is cool.

Flow manufacturing reduces lead times of weeks or days into alignment with work content times of days, hours or even minutes. Quite large quantities of cash can be released from redundant inventory in this way, while reducing costs and driving more profitable growth.

Online e-learning of the requisite tools and their deployment allows implementation team members to get onto, and remain together, on the same page.

This is true for a vast variety of knowledge transfer situations.

Here is an example of some work e-Learning Studios did for us ELS_Logo_Trans_Back_Blue

Contact the e-Learning Studios for more information ELS_Logo_Trans_Back_Blueor e-mail Nitin Thakrar MD


Supply Chain Finance does what it says, funds transactions in your supply chain; between you and your customers and between you and your suppliers.

Not only is this good for reducing costs, releasing cash into the business, better Working Capital Management and many other things, it can help you negotiate better terms – with your customers (who tend to look for later payment) and especially with your suppliers (who tend to look for earlier payment.)

Factoring, or Invoice Financing from receivables, has been around for long time. However, Reverse Factoring – paying your suppliers earlier – is less well known, but even more powerful. It can transform the entire relationship you have with your suppliers. Would you like to have faster delivery of smaller quantities at a lower price with higher quality and better on-time delivery? How many of these benefits could be improved in return for much earlier payment terms?

Clear Asset Finance funds trade across the entire supply chain, putting it into a flow.

As an alternative or additional source of working capital, their online, non-bank, unsecured finance solution funds their customers’ supply chains both within the UK and from overseas.

Together we aim to improve Working Capital Management releasing cash from the business for investment into the business.

For more information follow the link here or e-mail Divisional Sales Director Steve Coldicott



Saker Solutions won’t have the answer, but they can guide you towards solutions.

Have you ever had to ask yourself, the management team, your Operations Director etc. “What would happen if we………?” and been deafened by the silence?

Good question but who can really say? “Well, it all depends….” “Yes, but there are so many variables – who knows?

Saker Solutions won’t have the answer either, but they can guide you to a solution.

As an independent provider of simulation software Saker Solutions has the expertise to create validated models of complex environments to which you can put all your “What-if” questions.

For example, if we bring our lead times of weeks or days into alignment with our work content times of hours or minutes, we could reduce our in progress and finished inventories proportionately. But how can we be sure it would work in our environment? How could we balance inventory reduction with keeping the factory going? Saker Solutions can provide the simulation support for making well informed decisions in this and many other complex situations.

For more information follow the here link here or e-mail

Check 6.png

We’ve been there and done Lean 6-Sigma, but how do we sustain the gains?

Been there and done Lean 6-Sigma? But how to sustain the gains and embed a Lean culture in your organisation, continue the Continuous Improvement Process – even go beyond Lean if that were possible?

From an elite aviation background, Check-6 helps build a high reliability team culture. They reinforce vital behaviours that eliminate human error, giving every team member the tools to do the job right first time… EVERY time. Check-6 shares a common ideal with Maestro Business to “extend the ladder” to take manufacturers “beyond Lean” with cultural and procedural disciplines applied through flow manufacturing.

Checklist Operations with Rigor is designed to establish verifiable compliance of procedures for increased process reliability. Having captured best practices from your subject matter experts it provides actionable, real-time operational feedback. Processes are standardised across the entire organization, linked and synchronised in a flow for even faster more consistent response to customer demand, lower cost of quality, better cash-flow – and much more.

For more information click Checklist Operations with Rigor.


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