flow vs other manufacturing concepts

flow is often confused with Lean and Traditional manufacturing concepts


Many are complementary to flow  while others can cause confusion, leading people to believe they’ve already ‘done flow’ or ‘done Lean.’ However, they haven’t always seen the tangible bottom-line benefits of their investment.

Traditional Lean can create disconnected  “islands of excellence.” flow “joins up the Lean dots” so tangible, sustainable benefits flow directly to the bottom line as the output of the manufacturing processes are linked and synchronised.

Compared with Traditional “random acts of Lean” flow is a consistent, reliable and proven methodology. It breaks through the departmental silos that delay customer response and tie up cash in “redundant” inventory.

Traditional Manufacturing



If you identify with any of the above it could be worthwhile to consider the following.

flow Manufacturing





Our founder was nominated for a Nobel Prize in Economics for Working Capital Management.

To know more about flow and its origins in Demand Flow Technology (DFT) click on this link to Wikipedia:


How to do flow Manufacturing for greater 


Productivity – Profitable Growth – Cash Flow


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