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 flow beyond Lean


more Productivity – Profitable Growth – Free Cash Flow

What does it mean “flow beyond Lean” and what can it do for you?


flow takes you beyond Lean.

flow means Products keep moving – from one process to the next – no more stop-go-stop -they just flow.

Products flow until they’re finished. It takes minutes or hours of “work content” time instead of days or weeks of lead-time.

This means more Productivity driving more Profitable Growth and Free Cash-Flow.

We’ve all experienced Lean over the years, or know someone who has, for better or worse.

We eliminated some waste, did some Kaizen, 5S, Value Stream Mapping and so on, and….?

Perhaps we did some “random acts of Lean?” How hard was it to show a consistent, tangible, bottom-line return on investment?

There were wonderful “islands of excellence.” Most people were happy with them.

But, was there still part-finished product laying around with nobody working on it? Were people walking about looking for what to do next? 

Did things ever start then get stuck in a queue at the next process, start again, only to stop again? Parts shortages made up by borrowing from other jobs – and so on? Were there ever these calls from customers even to the MD wanting to know what’s happening …….right?

Does that ring any bells? If not, that’s fine. But if so it doesn’t have to be this way. Why not take a look and flow beyond Lean?

Manufacturing processes can become Kaizen’d “islands of excellence” in a sea of redundant inventory. In a 45-second animation see how they can be synchronised in a flow to get Working Capital working – click on the following.

So, click on how does it work to see how it could work for you.

Get the pdf sheet explaining Lean vs Flow

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