Greater Productivity in Manufacturing


flow beyond Lean to Lean 4.0


Greater Productivity, doing more with fewer people

– more revenue, lower costs, bigger profits. Makes sense?

But, how to achieve it?


Is it just about getting people to work harder, doing more with less – or getting Working Capital working harder?

Sounds like Lean might be the answer – eliminating waste


Lean has been around for decades, yet there are still those who say, “Lean didn’t really work for us.”

So, “Is there life beyond Lean?”

Yes, but not as we know it.


It’s called flow – joining up the Lean dots, linking and synchronising the output from “islands of Lean excellence”

Connectivity – right through to the bottom line.

But, how to flow beyond Lean to Lean 4.0 for

greater Productivity

more Profitable Growth

better Cash Flow


Manufacturing processes can become Kaizen’d “islands of excellence” in a sea of otherwise redundant inventory. In a 2-minute audio animation see how they can be synchronised in a flow to achieve greater Productivity that will drive Profitable Growth and Positive Cash-Flow – click on the following, flow beyond Lean:

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greater Productivity


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A couple of quick questions.

How much time does it take to actually make a fairly typical product in the factory? Minutes or hours?

How long does it take to actually get an order for that product through the factory? Days or weeks?

Why the disconnect?

It’s filled with cash embedded in Working Capital that isn’t working! Does it really have to be that way?

What would it mean for your business if product was delivered in hours or days

instead of weeks or months

How much more Productivity would that deliver?

How important is it to you to achieve that?


Click here to find out how flow relates to other manufacturing concepts and solutions.

Or Click here to find out about how we implemented flow manufacturing for our customers.

Download the .pdf sheet explaining Lean vs Flow

Our founder was nominated as a Nobel Laureate in Economics for Working Capital Management. To know more about flow and its origins in Demand Flow Technology (DFT) follow the link to Wikipedia:


For more information on Lean 4.0

greater Productivity


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Case Study

Background: UK automotive plastic moulded component manufacturer. Implemented flow manufacturing to meet the needs of a new, web-based B2B sales policy. The commitment was to same day shipment of all orders placed before 1pm. In an environment with several thousand SKUs the US management was especially worried because this had built up significant amounts of “just-in-case” or redundant inventory.

Action: As part of a global transformation programme, all manufacturing processes were linked and synchronised in a flow, and driven to replenishment demand from finished goods inventory (FGI) Kanban and dual-card Kanban upstream through assembly, to the moulding machines. Batch quantities were reduced to calculated “days of demand” quantities that produced much faster what was needed to replenish FGI and much less of what was not needed.

Benefits: The benefits included 23% greater Productivity, reduced waste, improved same day customer service by 63%, with total first year Cash Flow benefits of £600,000. The British MD and all his staff were delighted to be awarded a “Management Today” Factory of the Year Award.



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