A Cultural Operating System™ upgrade might facilitate your new Strategy? 


Culture vs. Strategy – which is most likely to win?


Does it ever feel like “the System” is against you? “Whatever I do they just don’t get it – it’s just not part of our culture to …..?” Some would even agree with Peter Drucker that, “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast.”

All human organisations have a culture. “It’s just the way we do things around here.”

Just as every computer or mobile phone has its own operating system, so too every organisation has its own “cultural operating system” whether it’s recognised or not.

Culture, or the software of the mind, manages all the relationships and interactions between the people who make up the moving parts of an organisation.

Culture mostly exists in the heads of every member of the organisation as a kind of collective intelligence. It’s constantly processing all the changing circumstances to meet the needs of the organisation in real time.  This “cultural operating system” is hard to influence, impossible to micro-manage, and as a change agent it works either for you or against you.

Would it be fair to say that to be successful a strategy upgrade also needs a cultural upgrade?

Is your “cultural operating system” up to the tasks defined by your business strategy, or does it feel like you’re trying to get stellar results from DOS – pushing a piece of string?

Maestro helps businesses execute their strategies by upgrading their cultural operating system.

The Maestro Cultural Operating System™ is not software. It’s a methodology supported by a tool-set that brings the people in the business into alignment with the business strategy to achieve tangible, sustainable bottom-line results.

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