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Get your Working Capital Working – Doing more with less

“Doing more with less” is one of those paradigms of traditional Lean, the logical conclusion being “doing everything with nothing.” This doesn’t make much sense with regards to Lean Manufacturing resources, but when applied to Working Capital it’s an achievable ideal. Releasing quite large quantities of cash embedded in “redundant inventory” for investment elsewhere in… Continue Reading

The 4th Industrial Revolution Industry 4.0 and Lean 4.0 – What might they mean for you?

“How’re you doing with the revolution, Comrade?” someone asked me the other day. What?!! “The 4th Industrial revolution!” Like the rest of us I’d heard about the 1st Industrial Revolution. It started in Manchester, then known as Cottonopolis – but the 4th? Well, we’re actually in it right now. Each one before brought enormous disruption to… Continue Reading

Unsure about Re-Shoring?

Just as the winds of greater freedom of trade are headed Eastwards, the future of British manufacturing is coming back from there. One in six manufacturers reportedly took on work returning to the UK in the past year. With all the talk and the publicity, are you unsure about Re-shoring? Why is it happening? Is… Continue Reading

Myths of Manufacturing – We can only remain competitive if we produce in low-cost countries.

“You can’t have your cake and eat it.” Myth or reality? Back to manufacturing. Don’t we often hear….? Myth: “We can only remain competitive if we produce in lower cost countries, especially with a weaker £ pushing up import costs.” Reality: Lower costs overseas can be more than off-set by higher less quantifiable costs. Risk: Cost of… Continue Reading

flow beyond Lean – Stories from the Lean Edge

Background – Business and the British Economy Lord Digby Jones, a dedicated “Captain of Industry” emphasises in both his books, “Fixing Britain” (2011) and “Fixing Business” (2017) the apparently self-evident fact that, “If it were not for the wealth created by Business there would be no tax revenue, there would be no Public Sector.” He… Continue Reading


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